Slide on these cat eye frames and you will, no doubt, become a heartbreaker to whom all eyes are drawn.

Avant garde yet classic. Bold yet neutral. The Heartbreaker’s contemporary interpretation of the cat eye style evokes the timeless allure of the 1950s with a chic twist and modern edge. Crafted with thin titanium, acetate inserts, and elegantly sculpted temple tips and end pieces,  the frame itself is lightweight.


Inspiration behind the Heartbreaker…

It all began when founders John and Jeff were sitting in a small neighborhood café and overheard a fervor-filled conversation. A table away, two women are conversing over coffee and pains au chocolat – although it is apparent only one is doing the talking. She is beautiful and is telling a story about the new man in her life. Her eyes are gleaming with hope, her hand gestures are overly expressive, and her smile is incessant. Inspired by her joie de vivre, John & Jeff went to the drawing board and designed the Heartbreaker.




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