Amy of the LA-based style blog A Fashion Nerd stopped by our DITA Flagship on Melrose a few weeks ago to hang out, shop, and discuss her self-proclaimed style obsession — eyewear.

Having previously worked as a model, designer, PR exec, photographer and a fashion blogger; she certainly knows her way around the fashion industry. Today, the title she is most proud to go by is that of  CEO. This boss babe is founder and CEO of the as-seen-on-Shark Tank app called Fashion Tap, which allows retailers and influencers alike to monetize their Instagram feeds and has also been featured in Forbes and a slew of other business blogs and publications. Keep reading to learn what inspires Amy and her philosophy on why “eyewear makes the outfit”:

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What is your personal style aesthetic?

I am all about the 60s, I love the style then and the colors. I always feel like I am a walking cartoon character, this is why everyone draws me.


Who or what inspires your style?

France in the 60s, Jane Birkin, Chantal Goya, etc. These are my biggest fashion inspirations, knee high socks, collars, berets, big eyewear, and short dresses and skirts!


Do you think that fashion is art?

Fashion is a form of art yes, it’s a way we can express ourselves the best possible way. It feels amazing to mix match different things and feel amazing.


How does eyewear fit into your overall fashion philosophy?

Eyewear is my entire life, I style outfits around eyewear. I live for good eyewear. I love the way a great pair of sunglasses make me feel on the inside. I also love wearing eyeglasses every single day of my life, even though I don’t need them. I really do believe that eyewear makes an outfit! Eyewear is my center piece to every outfit.













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